Below are protocols submitted to the Heart Rhythm UK website for reference purposes to provide an information resource and template for centres undertaking or considering undertaking similar procedures. If you have protocols used at your institution that you would be willing to submit to this page please email them to

Initiation of antiarrhythmics in primary care (Avon, Glos and Wilts)
Local policy for the initiation of sotalol and flecainide in primary care for the treatment of atrial fibrillation

Ajmaline drug challenge protocol
The Oxford protocol for ajmaline challenge to screen for Brugada syndrome

Ajmaline challenge patient information sheet
To accompany the Oxford protocol for ajmaline challenge

Adrenaline drug challenge protocol
The Oxford protocol for adrenaline challenge to screen for Long QT syndrome type 1 syndrome

Tilt table test protocol
Leeds protocol for indications, contraindications, performance and interpretation of tilt table tests

Integrated care pathway for ICD and CRT procedures
Oxford ICP and CRT ICP

Protocol for cardiac physiologist-led ICD clinic
Oxford protocol for cardiac physiologist managed ICD followup clinics

Protocol for nurse-led ICD clinic
Oxford protocol for nurse specialist managed ICD followup clinics

Commissioning of Cardiac Services – A Resource Pack from the British Cardiovascular Society, July 2011
Provides a framework for commissioning of cardiac services based on clinical pathways, clinical standards and quality indicators. Education and training are essential components of all clinical pathways and should be core elements of all commissioned services.