The purpose of this part of the website is to guide the training of those cardiology trainees who wish to pursue a more specialised approach to arrhythmias using electrophysiological techniques, catheter ablation and complex device therapy. This will ultimately lead to a career in arrhythmia management.

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Curricula in Training
Education and training in Heart rhythm management forms the main objective of Heart Rhythm UK. With this aim, the Society has helped develop the Cardiac EP and devices curricula for SpRs and ST3s with the JRCPTB as Core and advanced Subspecialty training. We also advise all trainees to attain Heart Rhythm UK accreditation over and above any other form of accreditation as we feel this is currently the best test of competency in the specialty.

Core training in Heart Rhythm
All cardiology trainees even if they are not pursuing advanced training should understanding the mechanism, diagnosis and management of dyysrythmias and have an understanding of pacing/ICDs. Competency will be assessed by completing their respective JRCPTB curricula/logbooks.

Subspecialty advanced Training in Electrophysiology
This is becoming one of the most popular subspecialties in cardiology and should ideally be undertaken in the final two years after a period of core cardiology training. Competencies currently are based separately via completion of the JRCPTB logbook including DOPS, mini CEX, MSF etc, as well as by gaining Heart Rhythm UK accreditation.

Subspecialty Training in Devices
This has become a new subspecialty interest in cardiology. Advanced devices treatments will become a more common treatment. However, these systems need complex follow up and often require more than one discipline for complete patient follow up usually in conjunction with local heart failure teams and echocardiography services. It is therefore common to combine this subspecialty with another interest area especially heart failure but also genetic heart disease, imaging and ACHD. Competencies for devices are based separately via completion of the JRCPTB logbook including DOPS, mini CEX, MSF and by gaining Heart Rhythm UK accreditation